Our Programs

Our main program at Artisan CrossFit classes are high intensity workouts including weightlifting, conditioning, gymnastics, running, and much more. Each class is lead by a CF-L1 coach who is there to help you with every movement from the simple to complex. Infinitely scalable this class is for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.

CrossFit Classes

BodFit Classes

BodFit is an awesome program built for those looking for a great workout without the barbells and high skill gymnastics. BodFit workouts are normally 40-45 minutes long. They include dumbbells, kettlebells, as well as many body weight exercises and cardio equipment. If your looking to lose weight, but don't want all the strength work this is the class for you!

#Buildit Program

#BuildIt program is built for individuals looking to improve skills beyond the one-hour sessions our CrossFit classes provide. These extra workouts are built to build skills in weightlifting and gymnastics, as well as adding additional conditioning work each day. This program is perfect for those looking to compete in local CrossFit competitions or just improve quicker in their fitness journey.


We understand not everyone can make it to the gym everyday. With that in mind, Artisan created Artisan at Home. This is our take on home workouts built to make you stronger, leaner, and healthier!

Artisan at Home