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Cooking Healthy Made Easy- Use That Slow Cooker

By Justin "Bunk" DeVane

Whenever we talk to individuals about eating healthy, there are two main reasons they don't want to do it.

1) It takes to much time.

2) It costs to much money.

Today let's talk about the taking too much time part. Many households in around the world would eat healthier if it were just as easy as picking up that fast food. Unfortunately, it can be quite that easy but we can get close. How you might ask?

Use that slow cooker/crockpot! Many amazing healthy recipes can be made using a crockpot. The beauty of these amazing machines is the fact that most of the actual meal is all cooked at the same time. No more cooking meat, then baking the veggies, then adding the seasoning. Instead, your prep time makes all your ingredients ready to go and then you just place them in the cooker and let them cook.

This also helps to avoid the dreaded same meal everyday routine. With multiple options for meals and ease of cooking, the slow cooker could easily become your favorite appliance.

Check out this awesome Turkey Chili Recipe by Lauren Miyashiro here.

Also if you need help knowing how much to eat, message us here about our awesome nutrition coaching.

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