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Fad Diet vs Balanced Diet

Updated: Apr 24

By Justin "Bunk" DeVane

“This diet is different!”, “I did this shake for 4 weeks and lost 20 pounds.”, “I did X diet and lost 30 pounds.”

We hear these statements on social media all the time. From influencers to family members, each promising a diet that will change our health, weight, and lives guaranteed. These diets all have one major problem. They are not sustainable and sometimes they aren’t even healthy.

These Fad diets can consist of ridiculous caloric restrictions which can cause you to lose weight, but they come at a great cost. Most of these diets build a terrible relationship with food. It even makes good quality whole foods the enemy sometimes. For example, a certain diet plan going around tells you to stay away from certain veggies like carrots in favor of their replacement shake. This type of marketing is what causes eating disorders, bad food choices after weight loss, and much more.

All of these diets will give you quick results that won’t last because your actual eating habits, exercise habits, and sleep habits haven’t been changed. These life changes are needed to allow sustainable results that will last a lifetime.

A diet rich in whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and nuts and seeds will give you long term results. Why? Because unlike the fad diets a balanced diet provides sustainable energy for your body to build lean muscle and burn body fat. Also, a balanced diet takes time to burn said fat through a slow progressive weight loss. This keeps your weight off because your body has time to adjust to the caloric restriction. Instead of a 800 calorie fad diet, a balanced diet allows for ample calories for daily activities, exercise, and the burning of body fat. Also providing a better relationship with food allows us to continue this diet forever.

If you're ready to start a diet that will help you gain sustainable results, click here so our staff can help.

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