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"I Can't Stop Eating All Day :(."

By Justin DeVane

It’s Not Just You!

The amount of food we are all eating is way, way up. Before the pandemic many of us lived very busy lives that saw us working and eating as quickly as we could. As the pandemic forced many of us to stay home, our work may have gotten slower and our time to cook greater. This longer amount of time to cook has in turn made our meals larger. We also have plenty of added time to graze, never miss a lunch or dinner, and even added that late night snack at the end of the day. This cycle has continued even with the reopening.

Look What We Gained…

It didn’t take us long to realize that these new habits had added a few more pounds on our frames. Between the changes in our work schedules and the changes in our eating habits our waistlines had begun to increase. All this added weight we had worked so hard to lose throughout the year has made its way back into our lives. Now with the new year we have the time to lose some weight in the New Year resolutions.

So How Do We Get Back? We Plan…

Although we have veered from the course we know how to right the ship. By following these simple steps:

  1. Buy whole foods not boxed products.

  2. Buying washed and chopped veggies or doing ourselves to make them ready to use throughout the week.

  3. Organize your meals, create a menu, and stick with it.

  4. Drink our water!

Need Help?

You can use these four easy steps to help get you back on track. But if you need help with accountability, looking for guidance, or are just flat out struggling, we can help. Can’t balance your meals with that of your entire family? We can help to provide the needed planning to make sure all snacks and meals are healthy and enjoyable for every member of your family. If you are interested in this type of help, click here and let us know you need nutrition help.

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