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I Need to Workout But It's So Inconvenient

Updated: Apr 24

By Justin "Bunk" DeVane

This above title explains a common theme we hear when trying to help people get started. I just don't have the time to set aside to work on my health and wellness.

We completely understand that life is busy, and on our to do list of 'what is important' wellness ranks pretty low. From taking the kids to activities, extra hours at work, and dealing with aging family members, setting aside time for ourselves seems impossible.

It's easy to see working on your health and wellness as simply another inconvenience on your already busy schedule. However, many times the inconvenience isn't time, instead it is our attitude about the gym/physical activity.

Life itself is one inconvenience after another. Think, have you ever been running late only to have a flat tire? Or maybe your car won't crank at all? Did you stop driving because of these inconveniences? You found time to get the tire fixed or get the car repaired so that tomorrow it won't be a problem. You adapted your schedule to make sure it wasn’t a problem again, at least you hope lol.

So why make time now for health and wellness when you're so busy dealing with everything else? To put it simply, you can either make time for your health now, or have a real inconvenience later.

The truth is, if you have chosen to not attend to your fitness then you have already made a decision. You decide to not partake in some sort of physical activity daily to improve your health and wellness. With this decision, you’ll find that the ‘inconveniences’ will compound day after day.

If instead we take time for our health and wellness, we can avoid this compounding pile up of inconveniences. Avoiding this will help us to avoid the real-life inconveniences of multiple medical appointments and prescription drugs. Working on our health and wellness ensures we have an independent lifestyle by being able to get in and out of bed or couch. This independence means we can do what we want, when we want, without worrying about inconveniences that have compounded due to lack of health and wellness. This gives us more time to travel, play with our kids, and participate in our social activities we enjoy.

If you are ready to push the inconvenience aside- click here to get started!

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