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Missed A Day? No Worries Get Back At It!

By Justin “Bunk” DeVane

This title could be taken quite literally with this blog. Yes we missed posting yesterday, and I did have a thought of just waiting to post a blog Thursday. However, I soon remembered that I tell our athletes all the time that missing a day shouldn’t turn into missing a week. So here it goes.

We have all been there when it comes to missing a day. From the gym to nutrition, we are rarely perfect. The good news is that we don’t have to be perfect to see the long term health results we want. So let’s look at some quick tips to help get you back into the gym after missing a day or maybe a week lol.

1. Remember Why You Started

  • Every one of us has a main reason for going to the gym. I mean let’s face it, hard workouts, sweating, and breathing heavily aren’t always fun. Whether we started just to get moving again, be able to play with our kids/grandkids, or lose that extra weight, we all had a reason to start. So when you miss a day or two, remember this initial reason to help get you back in the door.

2. Get An Accountability Buddy

  • We all have that one friend in our gym that helps us push a little harder when we work out. This is a great individual to help you stay accountable to the gym. You could even grab your favorite coach at your gym and let them know you need help. Trainers/coaches are in this business to help everyone reach their fitness/health goals. So grab a friend or coach to exchange numbers and start holding each other accountable.

3. It Is Okay To Miss

  • Learning that it is okay to miss a day or eat something you shouldn’t is the most important point. Sometimes life throws things at you that you can’t ignore. Being able to be okay with missing one day or eating that birthday cake will help you more than you know. Just remember to keep moving the next day towards your goals.

You got this! Just keep moving.

If you are just too busy to get in the gym, click here to ask us about our Artisan at Home program. 5 days of workouts built to be done in your garage for just $19.99.

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