Bunk DeVane

My Story:

My fitness journey started out when I was young. I was always active and played a lot of sports in high school. When I got to college, school took over, and I lost touch with my fitness. This was until my now wife introduced me to CrossFit. My first workout was Fran, and my wife beat me handily. Losing the workout wasn't fun, but the feeling I had from doing Fran was amazing. As soon as I returned home I immediately started at a local box. Working out in the community helped fuel my fire to coach other athletes. I received my Level 1 in October of 2014 and have found that I love celebrating my athletes PR's as much as my own. I look forward to working with all of Artisan's athletes to help them meet their fitness goals.

Jordan DeVane

My Story:

I began CrossFit while in physical therapy school, in the summer of 2013 after cheering on my dad in a competition. I knew after one day of sitting on the sidelines, I couldn’t go back to school without finding a box to plug in with. I have never been a fitness guru, but I have always loved challenging myself and am slightly competitive, so sets/reps in the gym wasn't intriguing enough to keep me going back. The way you can challenge yourself and the community you are surrounded by in CrossFit is unlike any other and a major reason my love for the sport continues to grow. CrossFit has taught me more about myself and has shown me just how strong I can be—in the gym and in life. I also enjoy incorporating my scholastic background and interest in biomechanics and human movement into my workouts and helping others to be better, more proficient athletes.


Tammy DeVane

My Story: 

I am so excited to join the team at Artisan CrossFit as a CF-L1 trainer. I have always been a gym rat, started lifting with a friend, then tried boot camps and running half and full marathons. Then in May of 2015, my son talked me into trying CrossFit. I instantly fell in love with it. I am married to my high school sweetheart Steve, and a mother of two boys. My most exciting times are watching others meet their goals. I look forward to seeing many more goals reached.

Lauren Steo

My Story:

Growing up, I was a very active person. I did gymnastics for 13 years. After gymnastics, I cheered through college. After I finished cheering, I tried to go to the gym to stay active but could never stay consistent due to the lack of community/support. I had never head about Crossfit until I watched the CrossFit games randomly on the TV. I was amazed at how the athletes were good in so many different things (including gymnastics movements). Since then, I always wanted to try it but never really got into it. Once Adam and I moved to Alabama, I thought it was the perfect time to get a fresh start and took the leap. After going through the foundations course, I was hooked! Not only has Artisan brought me to be the fittest I am to date, but it has also provided me the community I was missing and some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. Becoming a coach here for Artisan has provided me to help individuals become the best version of themselves by challenging them and crushing their goals!

Trista Howell

My Story:

After completing my bachelor’s degree at Troy University, I spent the following 18 years in the banking industry. Once I left banking, I started down a new career path with Real Estate. I enjoy helping clients with the next chapter of their life, whether it is buying or selling.

I began my fitness journey with Artisan CrossFit in 2017, it did not take long before I finally found my place in this world. I love the community, the athletes, the coaches, and the lifestyle. Before I began, I struggled with daily tasks such as climbing into my husband’s truck (Avalanche) or lifting a bag of cat litter (that stuff is heavy). I am happy to report, I no longer struggle with such things today. Most days you can find me at the gym in the morning doing Buildit, and in the evening participating in the WOD. I am improving every day, and I’m excited about my future athlete. I live in Dothan with my husband of 25 years and Gizmo, my baby girl, a 15-year-old orange tabby.